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▬ 6 major themes ▬


Keywords: Secondary pollutants - Heat wave effects - Masks - Filtration devices (PMx) - Aeration / Ventilation - Furniture - Household products - Nanoparticles - Emerging pollutants - Breathing

② Urban planning and mobility

Keywords: Ozone - Sensors - Network of microsensors - Vehicles - Transport - Modelization - Data handling

③ Climate adaptation

Keywords: Resilience - Climate / Impact relationships - Mitigation - Ozone - Biosensors - Climate / Air quality synergies - Insulation - Atmospheric chemistry

④ Industry

Keywords: Methane - Management of industrial accidents - Dispersion - Evolution of standards - RIPA - Odors

⑤ Building

Keywords: VOC - Indoor / Outdoor interface - Particles - Comfort - Energy / Air quality trade-off - Materials - Micro-organisms - Viruses


Keywords: NH3 - Breeding - Methane

Each of the themes will be detailed in one or more of the 8 lines of action suggested hereafters

Line(s) of action chosen:

a) Regulations
b) Technical answers
c) Engineering
d) R&D innovations
e) Sociological evolutions
f) Communication
g) New jobs
h) Other

Contributions will be selected based on:
✧ their ability to present feedback on several use cases
✧ highlighting their novelty or improvement in relation to existing knowledge
✧ the technical, economic, energy, environmental (eco-design, etc.) and social context, not based on generalities concerning air quality but retaining only the elements relevant to the specific subject presented
✧ the prospects considered and their justification

To be considered, your application must be sent necessarily with:
- Title of the presentation in French and in English
- A summary in French or in English


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