PFAS: per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances are more and more recognized to create a very important impact in Environment and Public Health.

Thousands of PFAS containing Products produced thousands of Contaminated Sites in the last 60 years with Toxicological Impact from Endocrine Disruption, Hepatotoxicity to Carcinogenic Effects of these more than 9000 very stable & bio-accumulable Compounds.

Environmental & Public Health Management Strategies for International Legal Context & Needs, Site Investigations & Environmental Chemistry, Environmental & Health Risk Assessments, Toxicology & Epidemiology, Remediation Plans & Remediation Goals, Treatment Technologies for Water, Soil & Air and Research & Development Approaches will be presented and discussed. 

On June 4 to 6, 2024, in Paris, this 3rd edition of the International PFAS-Congress will be a unique opportunity to meet all the actors concerned by this theme.


We are interested in your feedback !  


Dr. Frank P. M. Karg  (PhD) /  SFSE, ARET, HPC International, ABE


7 major themes 


1. International Legal Context


2. Identification & Characterization of PFAS Sources: Commercial Products, Wastes, Landfills, Industrial sites, Fire Fighting Sites and Fire Fighting Training Sites, Sludges from WWTP on Agricultural Land, etc.

3. Site investigations, Environmental Chemistry and Transfer Modelling

4. Environmental and Health Risk Assessments, Toxicology & Epidemiology

Remediation Plans and Remediation Goals

6. Treatment Technologies for Water, Soils, Sediments and Air

7. Research & Development

Contributions will be selected based on:

✧ their ability to present feedback on one or several use cases
✧ highlighting their novelty or improvement in relation to existing knowledge
✧ the technical, economic, energy, environmental and social context
✧ the prospects considered and their justification

To be considered, your application must be sent necessarily with:
- Title of the presentation in French and in English
- A summary in French or in English


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