Tuesday March 26, 2024

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Regulatory & legal levers or constraints
Moderator: Claire-Emmanuelle Mercier, President Partner - Atesyn

The challenges of the proposed directive on soil monitoring and resilience
• Carine Le Roy-Gleizes, Partner, Lawyer, Industrial Environmental Law - Foley Hoag
• Marie-Léonie Vergnerie, Partner, Lawyer, Environment & renewable energies - Fieldfisher

Viewpoint of scientific and technical experts on the European Soil Monitoring Law proposal
Claire Chenu, President CSTI Rnest - EJP SOIL Coordinator - INRAE

European soil surveillance law: are we speaking the same language?
• Olivier Roussel, User Satisfaction Manager and Expert Consultant in polluted sites and soils - TerraIndex (Netherlands)
• Robin Huisman, Designer and Analyst in the SIKB0101 Soil Survey Data Exchange Team - Foundation for Quality Assurance Infrastructure of Soil Management (Netherlands)

10h00 Coffee Break

Sustainable management of territories
From urban planning to development: what are good practices?

Moderator: Laurent Thannberger, Scientific Manager - Valgo

Defining artificialization: the challenges for implementing soil’s nomenclature
Pauline Leddet-Troadec, Lawyer, Partner in environmental law & Marion Delaigue, Lawyer, Partner in public law - Latournerie Wolfrom Avocats

Soil management and green industry law: new developments and challenges
Joanna Peltzman, Partner, Lawyer, Environment & Sustainable Development - Osborne Clarke

The QUALI’ZAN decision-making tool: integrating the issues of land artificialization at operation’s scale to guide development
• Quentin Vincent, Scientific and Technical Director & co-founder of Sol &co
• Vincent Le Rouzic, Strategy and Innovation Project Director at EpaMarne - EpaFrance

How to measure the cost of land degradation?
Laurent Thannberger, Member of RNEST, National Network of Scientific and Technical Expertise on Soils

Protecting the environment in property: the importance of compensation measures
Adeline Rente, Head of study group - Brézillon

Methodological approach for the valorization of non-dangerous river sediments in agriculture
• Laurent Eisenlohr, Circular economy and materials group leader - Cerema
• David Jullien, Head of the Space and Resources Management Unit - Interdepartmental Chamber of Charente-Maritime and Deux Sèvres

13h00  Lunch

Round table:
The end of above ground for land: What prospects for the development of urban soil?

• Romain Garnier, Soils Sector Project Manager - Cluster Eau Milieux Sols

• Jean-Pierre Aubert, President - Terres de Métamorphoses

In order to respond to environmental and urban development challenges, public policies articulate their actions around the dynamics of the circular economy, ecological and energy transition. Urban soils are subject to multiple anthropogenic attacks: pollution, settlements, developments and excavations of around 18 million tons per year in Ile-de-France. They are at the center of these issues and of all the attention of public actors in the Ile-de-France region.
Avoiding soil excavation through on-site treatments, contributing to the establishment of a circular economy of excavated land, capitalizing on soil to renature the city are essential levers for reducing the environmental impact of urban development and for the requalification of environments.
Anticipating the issues and areas for land treatment is a necessary element for the management of polluted sites and soils as well as for the establishment of a circular economy on inert land.

The question of the availability of land, and through it, the management of wastelands, abandoned urban areas and spaces that can be subject to temporary occupation requires a strategic vision and governance at all levels of urban policies.

To debate it:

• Stéphanie Bardon, Head of Social, Solidarity and Circular Economy Mission within the Economic Development and Employment Department, DGA Attractiveness and User Relations - Grand Orly Seine Bièvre
• Thomas Gaudron, Head of Excavated Land and Circular Economy - Société des Grands Projets
• Séverine Cohuet, Project Manager for the Reconquest of Urban Wastelands - ADEME
• David Hiez, President of the UPDS

15h00 Coffee Break

Sustainable management of territories
Territorial planning and conversion of sites
Moderator: Cédric Hanot, Director - 2ter

Ready-to-use industrial sites and urban planning: insights and comparative views in urban law and environmental law
Pauline Leddet-Troadec, Lawyer, Partner in environmental law & Marion Delaigue, Lawyer, Partner in public law - Latournerie Wolfrom Avocats

Follow and promote the regeneration of a territory through soil health rating - practical case in La Ferme de la Granja by Greenpods x Genesis
• Sylvain Mourard, Sales Manager France - Water & Environment, Mérieux NutriSciences France
• Christophe Calvaruso, Scientific Manager - Genesis

Integrating biodiversity, exposure risk and ecosystem services into the redevelopment of industrial zones: Constraints and perspectives
Alexiane Godain, Environment and Innovation Engineer - Tauw France

Conversion of a brownfield into an urban farm: Effect of different types of compost on soil fertility, the fate of organic pollutants and their transfer into vegetables
Papa Mamadou Sitor Ndour, Postdoctoral Researcher - Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale (ULCO)

16h50 Meeting the Exhibitors

17h30 End of the Day One

Wednesday March 27, 2024

Sustainable management of territories
What diagnostic tools are available?
Moderator: Benjamin Pauget, R&D Manager & Partner - Tesora


Information and compliance of the state of the soil: state of obligations and responsibilities

Laurence Lanoy, Associate Lawyer - Laurence Lanoy Avocats

Soil biodiversity measures using eDNA
Amélie Barthès, South West Sales Manager - SGS Environmental Analytics France

Nematofaune: an innovative and operational bioindicator for diagnosis and monitoring the biological functions of soils

Cécile Villenave, Scientific Manager - Elisol Environnement

New elements to optimize the TRIADE approach to diagnose soil health, based on indicators related to chemistry, ecotoxicology and ecology
• Lilian Marchand, Research Engineer - Suez
• Florence Baptist, Ecology PhD - Soltis Environnement

10h20 Coffee Break

The TRIPODE Project: Applicability and operationality of the TRIADE standard: feedback on a pilot site
Benjamin Pauget, R&D Manager - Tesora

Soil-plant transfer of pollutants and estimation of population exposure in Urban Agriculture
Anne Barbillon, SecurAgri Coordinator - AgroParisTech Innovation

CARTHAGE project: The contribution of air to risks and transfers associated with PAHs in urban agriculture: focus on bioconcentration factors (BCF)
Etienne Catry, Studies and Research Engineer - National Institute of Industrial Environment and Risks, INERIS

Agro-Eco Sol, a diagnostic tool for soil functions, based on bioindicators, allowing advice on agronomic levers
Justine Le Net, Agro-urban planning and soil biology technical representative - Auréa Agrosciences

Contribution of laboratory tests to understand an arsenic issue
Pierre-Yves Klein, President - Estralab

Health risk assessments for large PFAS cocktails by application of the top assays concerning the poly-fluoro substances (Precursors)
Frank Karg, Scientific Director of HPC-Group (INOGEN JV) and President-CEO of HPC International (France & Germany)


Innovation: young researchers/creators/startups session
Moderator: Laurent Thannberger, Scientific Manager - Valgo


Better diagnose the contamination potential of industrial territories : new approach based on bioavailability measures
Rachel Seillier, PhD student - Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne

Feedback on the contribution and consideration of the oral bioaccessibility of lead in a pilot area
Madeleine Billmann, PhD student - ADEME

Towards an interpretation framework of RHIZOtest measurements for evaluating the soil-plant transfer of contaminants
Alexandra Mille-Egea, PhD student - Ginger Burgeap, Cirad, Inrae

Integrated urban stormwater management: Enhancing Hydrological Performance of Low-Permeability Soils
Khalil Lhamidi, Doctoral Student - Civil Engineering and GeoEnvironment Laboratory - University of Lille

Characterizing Soil Quality and Assessing Emerging Pollutants in Clusters of Crohn's Disease Incidence in France
Lara Maria Wakim, Research engineer - University of Lille

Coffee Break

Technical solutions: understanding tools, measuring

• Laurent Thannberger, Scientific Manager - Valgo

• Pierre-Yves Klein, President - EstraLab

The application of digital flow measurement networks, for sustainable management of territories and groundwater

Erik Bosmans, Project Manager - iFLUX (Belgium)

The question of the radius of influence when injecting: Geophysical measurement tools
Matthieu Sangely, Expert Métier Advanced Remediation Services - Valgo

Data-driven strategies for improving remediation project management. Application in a real site
Ignaco Guridi, Researcher - SARPI Remediation France

Macro and microplastics
Oliver Buchholz, Country Manager France - SGS Environmental Analytics B.V.

Young researchers/creators/startups2024
Intersol Innovation Awards Ceremony

18h00 End of Day of Two

Thursday March 28, 2024

Technical solutions: soil treatments

Moderator: Pierre-Yves Klein, President - EstraLab

ERH: An underused technique?
Jonathan Sénéchaud, Development Manager & Romain Brunel, Eastern BU and Major Projects Manager - Colas Environnement


Multi-technological depollution of a former thermal power plant impacted by HVOCs
Adeline Pryen, Project Manager - Englobe France


LIFE Frac In: Enabling in situ soil remediation on low-permeability sites through hydraulic and pneumatic fracturing
Stijn Decru, Consultant - ABO (Belgium)
10h00 Coffee Break

BIO&BIO project: Final results and sharing of experiments about the soil bioflushing pilot - Treatment of hydrocarbons in the vadose zone
Clotilde Johansson, R&D Business Manager - Ortec Soleo
Thermal desorption of TPH contaminated dehydrated sludges and vapor management at the Kalina Pond, Poland
Jean Rhôné, Account Manager - Haemers Technologies (Belgium)
Injection of non-soluble solid reagent in a porous medium
Boris Devic-Bassaget, Technical Director - SARPI Remediation France


Pilot injection test: design and errors
Lionel Counet, Project Engineer - Injectis (Belgium)
Technical solutions: emerging pollutants
Moderator: Jonathan Sénéchaud, Development Manager - Colas Environnement
Integrated Remediation of Cr(VI) and PFAS Contaminants in Chrome Plating Facilities
Kris Maerten, Technical Manager Europe - Regenesis (Belgium)
Catalytic Rehabilitation of PFAS contaminated soil-washing water
Akram Rahimi, Head of applications - Oxyle (Swiss)
Efficient removal of per-and polyfluorinated alkyl substances from potable-and wastewater with selective Lewatit® resins

Dirk Steinhilber, Technical Marketing Manager Global Marketing - Lanxess
Emerging pollutants: removal of lithium in runoff- and groundwater
Laurent Thannberger, Scientific Manager - Valgo
13h00 Lunch

Technical solutions: bio-techniques

Moderator: Laurent Thannberger, Scientific Manager - Valgo

Bio-Flushing, an innovative technology for in situ soil and groundwater decontamination

Cosimo Masini, CEO - DND Biotech (Italy)
On site valorization of excavated soil material during brownfield reconversion: an integrative approach to agro-environmental challenges and technical barriers
Anaëlle Prieur, Polluted Sites and Soils Engineer - Microhumus Laboratoire
Experimentation on the creation of fertile soils
Laurent Legendre, Project Manager - SCE

Coffee Break

Soil fresco : a fresco to put soil in the heart of the debates
Interactive and connected workshop!
Animator: Antoine Piérart, Soil Quality and Prospective Coordinator & Soil Fresco Coordinator - ADEME
16h30 End of the Day Three / End of the congress