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January 31, 2020


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The development operations are daily demonstrating that the business sector of polluted sites and wastelands knows, as well as many other areas, technical, technological and organizational innovations which modify their own terms.

Indeed, polluted sites and wastelands play, in many cases, the role of land reserves. But, regarding the dynamic development of metropolises, these sites, despite their specificities, are a source of opportunities for stakeholders who manage their risks and their management
Polluted sites are no longer just cost centers, but are key development factors, as long as they are integrated into a value chain.

Their specific characteristics require the mobilization of many environmental, health and financial or legal competencies, with varying degrees of uncertainty that may exceed the norm. Pollutants from our industrial past can raise formidable obstacles that challenge our approaches, even as our societies are still asking for more guarantees, as well as a greater risk management.

Facing these difficulties, new solutions exist, allowing a sustainable development of the territories, notably due to the development of the circular economy and the reuse of materials, both sources of new opportunities. They are available in France, as among our European neighbors too.

The implementation of these innovations, the mobilization of ever greater skills, as well as the fine management of data and information related to degradated lands, are all determining factors to optimize the management costs of polluted sites and brownfields
During three days, Intersol is a unique opportunity to meet all stakeholders concerned by these developments; you will share with them, while meeting a wide range of professionals listening to you.

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